Future in the centre


Copernicus is now 10 years old! Spend 2020 with us.
You can expect plenty of fun events and even more surprises. You will get to know us better and realise that we exist just for you.

The modern world is changing faster than ever before, in the whole history of civilisation. These changes, fuelled by scientific and technological advancements, are unavoidable, while their direction – hard to predict. However, we can shape our future responsibly, consciously, together. It is, after all, influenced by our own decisions, even the smallest ones. We had better make them with the use of scientific knowledge. It is what inspires us and gives us the tools necessary to act responsibly. It helps people contribute to a world that is hospitable both for them and the nature.

We plan to celebrate the 10th anniversary all year long. We have a new logo. We launched a survey on the future. We display new exhibits. We will also encourage you to support programs that help to develop future skills. In the Spring, we will go in the field. In the Summer, we will gaze into the stars, and in the Winter – we will open a new exhibition. Of course, we planned most of the surprises for November. Reserve your time for us during our birthday weekend!



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