SPINThe Society and Science Agreement

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The Agreement by non-profit institutions oriented towards social development based on education, science, technology, and innovation.

The joint decision to create such an organisation was made with other participants of the latest, fifth “Interaction-Integration” conference. The meetings, which have been held since 2007, attract the representatives of science centres, museums, institutions and associations which organise interactive exhibitions and promote knowledge. Despite the variety of forms, it is the inspiring curiosity for the world that brings us together – highlighting the role of individual experience, commitment, creativity and critical thinking. We conduct informal educational activities, support better understanding of science and inspire social dialogue on the role of science. We are committed to building the sense of identity and responsibility.
Together, we would like to increase the effectiveness of our actions. Our plans include actions such as exchange of good practices, joint nationwide projects, participation in social debate and obtaining the sources of financing for our ideas.