SPiN Day

The Copernicus Science Centre is not some isolated phenomenon in Poland. In fact, we are just one of a number of institutions throughout the country, working hard to portray how fascinating the world of science can be and to inspire people to experiment for themselves. Members of this community meet, exchange experiences and ideas, and work together to explore new possibilities. We have banded together to set up the "Association for Society and Science" (widely known by its Polish abbreviation "SPiN"), which now embraces 37 different institutions. We are strong in number and growing ever stronger!

"SPiN Day" was held on 12 September 2015, with special science-related attractions offered at 26 locations around the country (the detailed https://www.facebook.com/events/549693115181374/is available in Polish).

At 12:00 noon, for instance, participants could enjoy performing extraordinary experiments with … ordinary paperclips! Wherever in Poland they were, participants could come try putting a new "spin" on science!