Friend of CSC

The Friend of Copernicus Science Centre programme is aimed at individuals and organizations, who share courage, passion and curiosity in learning about the world, but also for those, who are engaged in their activities and who feel responsible for changes.

The Copernicus Science Centre was created out of a need for learning of the surrounding phenomena and a firm belief, that by understanding nature through expierience in science and art we can solve the problems of the world with greater ease. Through it’s exhibits, planetarium, laboratories and many activities boarding on both science and art, we encourage full participation in culture, not just idle consumption.

Together with an international scientific society, artists and audience the Centre faces many challenges the future holds. The main goal of Copernicus Science Centre is to encourage both personal engagement in knowledge and understanding of the world and taking responsibility for the changes around us.

If virtues such as passion, curiosity, engagement and courage of thought are important to you, then we invite you to join the Copernicus Science Centre Friends. You can support our institution, choosing one of two packets, which include:

Copernicus Science Centre Friends Cards - with personalized annual cards you can visit Copernicus as often as you want, up to 12 months since purchase.

The Copernicus Science Centre Friends’ Wall - at the central hall of the building, there’s the Centre’s Firends Wall, where we can honour the participants of this programme by engraving the names of their companies or their surnames on the wall.

VIP Guide - our best explainers will take you on an exclusive, elite trip through CSC’s exhibitions, but also through restricted and mysterious nooks and crannies of the Centre.

CSC Vouchers - those special leaflets entitle you to a single free visit to standard exhibitions. Valid for a year since purchase. You need to swap them for tickets at the ticket booth.

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