Vision, mission and values

VISION: People shape the world through critical and creative thinking.

MISSION: We inspire people to observe, experiment, ask questions and seek answers.

VALUES: We value science, freedom, responsibility, trust and co-operation.

    We co-operate with scientists.
    We develop science.
    We think critically and encourage people to do so.
    In our work, we are inspired by scientific discoveries and scientists’ working methods.
    We keep our promises.
    We take responsibility for the consequences of what we do.
    We respect our visitors.
    We take responsibility for changes going on around us and encourage people to do so.
    We act based on mutual trust.
    We create space for dialogue.
    We build partnerships and co-operation.
    We encourage people to co-create and participate in what we do.
    We experiment, fail and succeed.
    We respect differences.
    We dare to dream.
    We embrace freedom of choice and independent thinking.