People of the Centre



Historian of philosophy. Co-founder and CEO of the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Co-founder and organizer of the Science Picnic – Europe’s largest outdoor science communication event. In 1994-2004 deputy director of the Polish Radio BIS and in 2004-2005 editor in chief for science and education. Since 2008 he has been a member of the board of ECSITE – European Association of Science Centres and Museums; in 2011-2013,
he served as president of the board of the organization. Since 2017 member of the board of ASTC – Association of Science and Technology Centres. Robert Firmhofer is also a member of the Science Communication Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Science Festival Programme Board. He has been engaged in the development of modern science communication for years. For outstanding achievements in this field, in 1998 he received the prestigious Hugo Steinhaus award, and in 2012 President Bronisław Komorowski awarded him the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. In 2014 he received the French National Order of Merit.

Irena Cieślińska

Programme Director

Editor of many popular science magazines. In the years 2001–2005, she was the chief editor of the “Wiedza i życie” monthly magazine. She has eleven years of experience in teaching and research gained while working in the Department of Mathematical Methods at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Since 2006, she has been the employee of the Copernicus Science Centre. Currently, she holds the position of a deputy director of the CSC. She has won numerous awards, including the prize for the Best Popular Science Text gained in the Karol Sabath competition, as well as a special award for a text on modern medicine.

Joanna Kalinowska

Development Director

She graduated from Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection at the Warsaw University, and worked in educational and fundraising NGOs as the Project Coordinator and Director of Development. She joined the team at the Copernicus Science Centre prior to its opening and has collaborated with all the CSC sponsors in joint events and activities ever since. Her earlier professional experience in the field of fundraising resulted in setting up the Copernicus Club membership programme for the Centre’s regular visitors. She is a member of the Programme Committee of the European Network of Science Centres and Museums (ECSITE) annual conference (since 2013).

Ewa Kloc

Administrative Director

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, she began working in public administration, where she was responsible for legal services, organisational issues and management process, and gradually developed her career from being a legal officer in the Main Headquarters of the Border Guard to the department deputy director in the Ministry of Finance. In 2008, she joined the Legal and Organisational Department at the Copernicus Science Centre, where she was involved in the opening of the Centre by participating in the creation of its organisational structure and strategy, and internal control including risk management. She has experience in project and process management, enjoys getting involved in new undertakings and taking up new challenges and likes reading detective stories.

Anna Lipińska

Visitor Experience Director

A physicist by education, she joined the Copernicus Science Centre team in 2008, and she started working in the Exhibitions Department right from the get-go, where she was responsible for building and organising interactive exhibitions. In 2015–2018, she was responsible for the overhaul process of the Centre’s permanent exhibition, which resulted in the creation of the Experimental Zone exhibition.
Together with the Exhibition, Planetarium, Workshop, Operations and Customer Service teams, she ensures the highest quality of the Copernicus Science Centre visitor experience.

Aleksandra Wójcik-Głodowska

Innovation Director

She defended her doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where she co-founded one of the first laboratories in Poland dealing with the Atomic Layer Deposition technology — a thin-film deposition technique. She joined the Copernicus Science Centre team in 2008 — she was responsible for preparing and planning exhibition management, as well as involved in the opening of the Centre. Since 2012, she has been responsible for the development of the conference centre. She is also part of the Strategic Team. She ran a series of workshops which enabled introduction of a new strategic planning tool. In 2015, she was appointed Deputy Programme Director — at this position, she was responsible for the quality of the visitor experience. In the following years, she was involved in the preparation of a new research and development activity — the Copernican Revolution Lab. At present, she is involved in the development and management of R&D activities. In 2018, she graduated with honours from the Executive MBA post-graduate programme at the French Institute of Management. She has many years of experience in managing, building and running projects from the start-up phase. She specialises in managing and implementing strategic planning, as well as building and managing teams.

Wiktor Gajewski

Events Director

Joined the Copernicus Science Centre team in 2007 as an explainer. He worked at a "Eksperymentuj!" exhibition, that travelled across Poland before Copernicus was opened, promoting the idea of hands-on science education. He designed and run many science show and workshops and managed a team of demonstrators. Thanks to his experience in the field and education and socio-cultural animation he developed unique events format for Copernicus. He co-created the GENesis project (2012) - a series of events that facilitated the discussion about developments of biotechnology. He led a "Warsaw Health Resort" project (2013-2014) inviting artists, scientists and entrepreneur to design new products and services answering the needs of urban communities. In 2014 he took up a position as a deputy head of Exhibitions and Science Communication department. He led a team specializing in creating and testing tools to build positive relations between scientists and non-scientists. Since the beginning of 2016 he leads Science and Art Events Lab with the aim of developing participation in culture created by science.

Anna Dziama

Education Director

A hydrologist by education, graduate of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Warsaw. For over twenty years, she has been associated with the Warsaw educators’ community. She was a teacher, a homeroom teacher and vice principal of the “Bednarska” Social Secondary School No. 1. In the 1990s, she created the innovative didactic and educational programme of this first non-public school in Poland. Working with the Committee for the Geographic and Nautological Olympiads, she supported students in developing their interests and achieving successes in these areas. She built teaching teams and managed schools run by the Social School Foundation in Warsaw – Wesoła.
She has been working at the Copernicus Science Centre since 2010, initially in the Department of Education and Scientific Communication, then as the manager of the Department of Education, she expanded the cooperation of the Centre with various educational communities. She was responsible for the creation of original educational sets, workshops for teachers promoting active teaching methods, the Lay Out – Let Out conference, the Young Explorer’s Club network, as well as the ESERO space education programme.

Przemysław Wielowiejski

Expansion Projects Director

Archaeologist. Academic teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching and research at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw. Fieldworker (1981–2005), author of several scientific and popular science papers, founder and first editor of the popular science quarterly magazine “Archeologia żywa”, founder and co-creator of the megalithic monument on the territory of the National Library in Warszawa. In 2004, he joined the “Exploratorium” Science Centre Team and since 2006 he has been working in the Copernicus Science Centre, where he was first appointed Vice-Director.

Barbara Juszczak

Deputy Director, Chief Accountant