We are changing

Visitors are the core of the Copernicus Science Centre. We are proud that you have put so much trust in us. It’s for you we are improving exhibitions, designing new exhibits and rearranging the Centre’s interior space. On 6 April 2018 we will invite you to the completely new east wing of the first floor.

If you come to the Copernicus Science Centre from the end of December 2017 till spring 2018, you might be surprised by the fact that half of the exhibition space on the 1st floor is closed. It is so since we are working on improving exhibits, rearranging our exhibitions and raising the comfort of your visits.

We started the long-term process of changes in 2015, after the first five years of the activity of the Copernicus Science Centre. Richer in experience and results of the research conducted with our visitors, we began by rearranging the “On the Move” exhibition, located in the west part of the 1st floor. Now the time has come to make some changes in the east wing. We will proudly present the effect of our efforts in spring 2018. Read about our philosophy of changes, why have we introduced it and how it began »

Since the very beginning of the Copernicus, the following exhibitions have been located in the east wing of the 1st floor: Lightzone and Humans and the Environment. Soon, together with the 2016-modernised New On the Move, they will create a visually coherent experimentation space.

Its leading theme are humans using their senses and skills to receive, interpret and describe the surrounding world. Visitors themselves will become the subject of surprising experiments.

The new exhibition space will feature some already known exhibits, as well as exhibits that have been improved and enhanced, presented in new forms and contexts, together with some objects constructed in the Copernicus workshop with expanding the themes of combined exhibits in mind. New On the Move also features new exhibits made by the best designers in the world. All the exhibits will amaze visitors with precisions and give them the opportunity to conduct even more experiments.

In the currently modernised east wing of the 1st floor (as in its west part), we will divide exhibits into thematic groups based on their common components and main phenomena, such as human anatomy and physiology and their capabilities and limitations deriving from body build in the context of adaptation to life on Earth. In “Light and colours” and “Illusions” we will present phenomena that allow for creation of colourful moving images with the sight; we will also explore the amazing nature of light. Additionally, the exhibition will include new exhibits illustrating biological processes that occur in nature. For the first time, visitors will have the chance to observe living organisms and changes that these organisms undergo while interacting with their environment.

In the place of the Lightzone there will be a big, orange pavilion featuring exhibits that require a darker surrounding. A similar one – only blue – can already be found in the New On the Move gallery.

For our visitors’ comfort and in order to design a more friendly space, we have also created a place for a cafeteria – you will find it next to the viewing terrace, behind the Chemistry Lab.

Opening of the rearranged Humans and the Environment and Lightzone exhibitions is the second phase of the evolution of our Centre. In the coming years, we want to modernise and refurbish the RE: generation gallery for teenagers, and Buzzz! gallery intended for kids up to the age of 5.

Find out more about the changes we have introduced so far related to rearrangement of exhibitions and improving the visitors’ comfort: