Changes in the Buzzz! gallery

fot. Bartosz Bobkowski

Throughout 2015, we had been identifying the needs of the youngest visitors of the Buzzz! gallery as well as their parents’. Our ideas are not revolutionary concepts – rather small amendments that will increase the comfort of visits. For instance, we made it easier for kids to turn the lift in the water exhibit, we renovated a few exhibits and removed another two. We are also planning to introduce new exhibits in the gallery.

We have decided that adults accompanying children in the gallery deserve more attention. From now on, they will find special descriptions of each presented exhibit. Descriptions contain information on how a particular exhibit develops certain skills in a child, what to pay attention to when observing an experimenting child and how to support them. One key change is also a quarterly magazine for parents that we will hand out to people visiting the Buzzz! gallery from the beginning of 2016. Successive issues will focus on topics such as play, mental development and sense of humour. The magazine will also have a section with ideas for games and tasks that can be performed at home.