Research in the Copernicus Science Centre

The Copernicus Science Centre is a unique research lab

In 2016, it was granted the status of a research unit. Our exhibitions form a large space, where over a thousand people use our exhibits every day to discover the world in different ways. Our research team observes visitors and analyses the learning mechanisms and cognitive processes of children and adults.

The sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists from the Research Department of the Copernicus Science Centre analyse how visitors explore exhibitions, use exhibits and take part in workshops. This gives us a unique insight into the role of a science centre in the development and learning of people of all ages and backgrounds. This knowledge helps us create new exhibits, teaching aids, educational kits and activity programmes and formats.

The interdisciplinary research projects which we carry out in cooperation with academic partners allow us to develop new fields of research in Poland – the so-called learning sciences and visitor studies. We hope they will enable us to contribute to the change of the learning culture in Poland.

If you meet a researcher on your path among the exhibits and are asked to participate in a survey, please agree. This will be your contribution to the development of the Centre. Each of the research reports has been created thanks to the contribution of dozens and sometimes hundreds of our visitors.