Research Department – events

  • Cognitive adventures is a conference that was organised in November 2015 by the Copernicus Science Centre’s Research Department. Its aim was to create an opportunity for interdisciplinary scientists and scientific workers to exchange and share experiences related to research in exhibition spaces. Here you will find our special guests’ speeches, as well as presentations and discussions that took place during the conference.
  • We take part in the Integracja-Interakcja 2016 (2016 Integration-Interaction) conference – an annual meeting of institutions dealing with non-formal education. Organised since 2007 (up to 2013 by the Copernicus Science Centre), it resulted in establishment of an environment that decided to act together bearing in mind its common goals. In 2013 Porozumienie Społeczeństwo i Nauka SPiN (the Society and Science Agreement) was created. Currently, it has 28 members (science centres, foundations, associations, culture centres, museums, planetaria, botanic gardens, universities) and 7 supporting entities (commercial companies and self-government units).
  • ECSITE 2016 Conference: representatives of our Research Department will talk about new technologies in research and teachers’ needs related to visits in the Copernicus Science Centre.