Experiment Yourself! Exhibition

If you can’t visit us, we’ll visit you! Hire the Copernicus Experiment Yourself! mobile exhibition! Have a great pastime while learning physics, biology and mathematics like you never did before.

Please note: this exhibition is only available for loan within Poland.

This exhibition is aimed at two target groups: children from primary school, teens and adults. We encourage support from education institutions, mass event organizers, owners of hotels and hostels, companies aranging conferences and other events.
Experiment Yourself! Exhibition is a part of the Centre’s history - before our building at the banks of Vistula was built, Copernicus visited people all around Poland with the Experiment Yourself! Exhibition encouraging learning yourself about the surrounding world.

Did you know?

- Experiment Yourself! traveled over 120 000 miles!?
- It’s been visited by over 200 000 people.

Commissioning an exhibition

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