Pavilion 512

The pavilion is built of clay and concrete. It is 85-meter long and 5-meter wide and has been created as an exhibition and workshop space for artistic activities. 

The building is hidden in the embankment. Its roof is covered with grass, which makes it virtually invisible from the Copernicus Science Centre. Only when we have a walk on the Vistula can we discover this place, which is located exactly on the 512th kilometre of the Vistula waterway route. This exceptional location not only gave origin to the building’s name, but it also determines its character. The activities carried out here will have a local context and will be related to the capital city. The river, unregulated and still half-wild, and the city developing on its banks can be very inspiring. We hope that, besides frequent visitors of art galleries, the offer of Pavilion 512 will be interesting also for those inhabitants of Warszawa that most often use the Vistula waterfront, that is cyclists, walkers, and lovers of water rides.

The activities of the Pavilion 512 were inspired by the „Distant Place” photo exhibition.

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