Constantly striving for perfection

With a million visitors per year, a specific exhibit may end up getting used as many as three thousand times a day. There have never been “Do not touch!” signs at Copernicus, so the rate of wear-and-tear is quite intense.

Our specialists essentially work around the clock, to fix worn-out exhibits as quickly as possible and put them right back on display. However, repair work is just one part of what goes on in our workshop, as we are also engaged in improving and modernizing the exhibits. Through the experience we have gained, we have a good idea of what needs to be altered or improved. 

We also like bigger challenges, such when an unsuccessful exhibit needs to be completely redesigned and given a new lease on life. Who helps us to do all this? You do! The alterations are inspired by the opinions expressed by our visitors, and by the unusual ways they put the exhibits to use. We do also thoroughly revamp single exhibits – or whole groups of them – within a broader framework of changes occuring in our exhibitions. Some examples of such improvements are the “Air Cannon”, “Light and Sound”, “Ultraviolet Table”, “Infrared Camera” exhibits and Experiment Yourself! Exhibition.