MirrorsAll eyes on me

Have you ever looked at the back of your own head? Or peered into your own ear? Do you really know how others see you? Mirrors – our latest temporary exhibition – offers a chance to look at yourself in a whole new way.

Mirrors are around us all our lives. They let us look at ourselves – to see our own faces, to discover what makes us look unique. But when looking at a reflective surface, we are also looking deep into the laws governing the universe, where symmetry plays an important role.

Asymmetrical things irritate us. We have an unconscious drive to seek symmetry in our surroundings, and also in ourselves. Symmetrical faces seem more attractive, for instance, and we find it more convenient to carry heavy purchases in two shopping bags, one in each hand, than in one big bag. We naturally seek out the symmetry in geometrical shapes, in equations and the laws of physics.

At Mirrors you will find symmetry manifested in all the individual exhibits, and independent experimentation will improve your grasp of the principles of mathematics and encourage abstract thinking.

Find out how mirror images get formed, and how your eye sees them. Look at yourself more closely than you ever have before. Watch your own reflections in a kaleidoscope and in a mirror-maze. Steal Elvis Presley’s face, learn about mirror-writing, and learn why mirrors reverse the left vs. the right side of an image, but not the top vs. the bottom. Try taking your own "mirror selfie" and show it to others.

This exhibition was produced by Technorama in Switzerland, one of the world’s most important science centres. The concept for the interactive exhibits was co-created by Richard Gregory, a British psychologist of perception.

Exhibition opens 15 October 2015.


Samsung is a Temporary Exhibition Partner

Temporary Exhibition

15 October 2015
– 12 June 2016

Entry included in admission to the Copernicus Science Centre.