ThinkatoriumYou think better than you think

Mom speaks to her son on a beach: "Do not step into the water, until you learn how to swim!". In the Thinkatorium you will dive in deep and discover the world, as this is the only way to learn how to swim.

The Thinkatorium is a new place, where all visitors, regardless of their age, knowledge and skills, will learn that they "think better than they think". At the workshop tables you can independently face engineering, scientific and logical challenges having only everyday use items at your disposal - straws, paper, paperclips, balls, rubber bands. Without any specific instructions, grades, or time limits. Everyone will get a chance to discover something.

We open glass doors and relocate from Copernicus’s lively exhibitions to an utterly new place. We can see a wooden counter with high stools. Solid large tables transform into smaller, cosy desks. Now we can see a menu full of experiments spreading out before us. It is time to pick a task. Let’s try to build a flying machine. Straws, insulation foam, scissors, paper are right here on our table.

Now we can start; there is no deadline, no specific instructions, and the solution is unknown. The outcome lies in our hands only. It depends on our ingenuity, skilfulness, and persistence. Here we can discover something for ourselves – we start to understand science laws, we find out that we are able to think out-of-the-box, and we shape our patience, determination, readiness for challenges.

And if we take delight in one dish, but feel hungry for more, we may choose from many different proposals on the Thinkatorium’s menu. Build a paper tower to lift an egg. Cross a river. Construct a bridge and a flying machine. There are several tasks available already but the menu will be consistently enriched.


On the 1st floor


Admission included in the ticket to the Copernicus Science Centre.

Children under 8 years old supervised by an adult.