Do you like doing experiments, have a penchant for science and think of learning as a fascinating adventure?
Do you visit us often?
Do you want to help your children pursue their interests or explore the world of science together with your family and friends?

If you’ve answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Copernicus Club is the option for you!
This new form of participation in Copernicus’s activity is available from 26 June 2015. Ask for club membership packages at the ticket booths.

Created with the most enthusiastic explorers of scientific adventures in mind, the Copernicus Club offers a special club card that allows you to visit the Copernicus Centre — alone or together with your family and friends — as often as you want. In addition, club members will enjoy access to special attractions: exhibition previews, tours of every nook and cranny of the Center, and workshops.

Members of the Club can benefit from the best the Centre has to offer: unlimited admission to exhibitions, the opportunity to show the Centre to their friends, special discounts (for the Planetarium, the store and the cafe) and science news.

Share your Copernicus experience with others

The most important thing about the membership is that it makes CSC experience more personal for you. You can use the club membership card (double and family membership) to bring anyone you want with you free of charge, so you can show your favorite place to your loved ones and share the fun you get from learning something new.

Children in the Club

The Copernicus Club is also an excellent option for kids who love exhibitions. Membership is open only to adults (you need to agree to the processing of your personal data), but the main user of the card can be a child! Remember to bring your kid with you when buying the card: we will take a picture of your little one and print it on the club card. After that, the little explorer will be able to visit CSC with different family members: mum, dad, grandma and grandpa. Even with a friend, if they feel like it.

Dedicated ticket booths

Members of the Club enjoy access to a dedicated ticket booth (No 4) that allows them to skip the line. This is also where you can buy the club membership card.

Welcome pack

Each member of the Club receives a welcome pack that includes a personalized membership card and a booklet with experiments to conduct at home. You can collect your welcome pack at the ticket booths.


All members of the Club enjoy the same benefits irrespective of the type of membership. The only difference is the number of people you can bring with you free of charge each time you visit the Centre.

Attractions for members will be listed on our website and in a special newsletter. Additional bookings will apply to most events. Admission to some events is free of charge. Other events will require an additional admission fee as a result of their nature.