Physics lab

Physics try to describe elementary laws of nature, strive to quantify the rules, by which the material world is governed, regardless the state of said materia. It’s one of the basic natural sciences – from it sprouted such disciplines as chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology, technical sciences and many more.

Why are physics fun? Because using them measure, describe and understand, why certain things occur. They help us to understand all everyday processes that happen around us (of course given we have enough information to start with). It’s a key to understanding the world.

Why is there no reason to be discouraged with physics? Because it’s all about logic. Every physical process always works the same in the same circumstances,  so if we have specific input, we can predict the effect of a process. There are no questions left hanging. And there are no processes, which we couldn’t describe using the language of physics.

Physics is like a game, of which the rules may be unknown to us, but we still watch it. The trick is to get to know those rules. If you watch a sports game, you can deduce the existence of a ball. Then you observe certain rules, according to which the sportsmen act. By focusing on the players, we can see, if there are some exceptions to the patterns we have observed before. If so, we try to make new rules. This is the way a physics theory is made. The game’s rules are laws of physics, and the sportsmen are the processes. But the most beautiful thing about this game is the fact, that there are innumerable scenarios to it, although it’s rules may be few and quite simple.