For scientists

Scientists, welcome to Copernicus! We have a lot in common with you: we ask endless questions; take on new challenges; treat criticism as an opportunity for development; appreciate open-mindedness. And finally—we also conduct research. Come and visit us, and see what we can do together!

Become a part of the CSC activities.

We organise meeting of scientists with various audiences. Sometimes they are standard lectures, like the series entitled Roads to Reality and Roads to Life. Other times they have less standard form, such as Straight from the Sky in the Planetarium or meetings during Lates 18+. And finally, from time to time we organise truly innovative meetings in the form of Science cafés or Science Espresso. We meet to share knowledge with others but also—e.g. during or workshops—to create something together.

Develop your science communication skills.

We are doers. For many years now we have organised FameLab Poland competition, which has already taught over 60 scientists how to speak the language, which is interesting and clear for larger audiences. Since Od 2015 we have also organised regular meeting as part of the Science Promoters programme, that allows scientists and journalists to begin cooperation. You can also read the best practice in science promotion manifesto New science, created during open workshops in 2017.

Cooperate with us.

We run big, ongoing programmes and we’ll be glad to welcome you in them as experts. Together with your institution, you can organise a stand during the Science Picnic. You can you’re your finger on the pulse and monitor which European programme we are currently participating in. You can also ask for our patronage over you event.

Participate in our research studies.

Pursuant to our Statutes (from November 2015), the Copernicus Science Centre is a research and science institution. We conduct our own research and we are particularly interested in studying the visitors’ behaviour on exhibitions. If you represent a research institution, you can become a partner of the “Cognitive adventures” Conference, or present your own findings – if you have them. You can also perform your own research as part of the Science live project. Finally, we can engage our audience to give you a fresh look at your studies (as we already have done during our Reversed science café).

Rent some space in the Copernicus Conference Centre.

In our conference centre each year we organise hundreds of events important for science, technology, and society. If you are planning a conference, you can rely on our team from the Conference and Event Organisation Department.

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