Around Jazz

Do you like jazz and improvisation? Once a month, we will put you into the jazz orbit. We invite you to the new cycle of concerts in the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium – “Around Jazz”, during which we will listen both to well-known standards and genuine jam sessions.

The concerts will be accompanied by visualisations of the sky against the dome. Images of the sky, space and the remotest corners of the Universe will become an inspiration for the artists who will create for them a musical illustration in the rhythm of jazz. The cosmic themes will be generated by the sounds of piano and trumpet but the musicians and their instruments will also influence what the audience will see on the screen. You need to see and hear this in person!

13 January 2017 – Here’s That Rainy Day

The “rain” of meteorites, seen from time to time from the Earth is an outstanding, breathtaking phenomenon: meteorites are dust or stone fragments surrounding the Sun. They arise as a result of planetoids collisions or with appear of the comet leaving behind cloud of dust and tiny pieces. We could consider uniqueness of the meteor shower and other objects flying in the universe during the next Concert under the stars, thanks to Małgorzata Markiewicz, young but also experienced vocalist and the legend of Polish jazz – Janusz Skowron – a pianist, composer, arranger. This music journey will be full of jazz standards familiar from performances of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra or Billy Holiday.


Ticket price: 25 PLN


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