Copernican Revolution LabCooperation with businesses

We would like to invite research, business and social Partners to cooperate with us in one of the most innovative projects in Poland.
The Copernican Revolution Lab (CRL)
, which we are planning to open as part of the Copernicus Science Centre in the Powiśle district in Warsaw, will be an interdisciplinary research and development centre and the first institution in Poland to conduct experimental research on learning studies. Together, we will create a space for cooperation between education, science and business.

We address our invitation to the companies seeking cross-sectoral cooperation on implementation of research projects – in terms of designing and prototyping reliable solutions for in- and out-of-school education. Innovative methods and educational tools developed on the basis of the research conducted in the Copernican Revolution Lab will be promoted both via the public sector and private companies, which – using their unique competencies in this field – will implement them on the commercial market.

If we want to be a part of a modern and competitive economy, we have to develop relevant skills in the area of science and new technologies in young people. The Copernican Revolution Lab is the answer to this need. Innovative ideas and products created here will contribute to the opportunities of gaining practical, technical and vocational knowledge, as well as support the development of attitudes and competencies that are key for functioning in the 21st century; critical thinking, creative problem solving and team work.

We can achieve this by creating ground for cooperation of research, social and business partners. As a result, we will drive Polish educational system and economy towards the culture of innovation – to the benefit of all parties involved.