The Copernican Revolution Lab will be a place for conducting scientific and R&D works in conjunction with scientific institutions and business partners. Cooperating with the economy sector gives the CRL a chance to pair its potential with a unique business experience. The Copernican Revolution Lab is a signal for entrepreneurs that the Mazovia region and Poland as a whole want to invest in the culture of development and drive it towards innovation and unconventional economic solutions in the long term.


Specialisation – High quality of life

  • Educational and knowledge-validating systems
    - Educational and diagnostic systems for the needs of lifelong learning and vocational training
  • IT technologies for processing of information with the aim of ensuring access to and generating new knowledge
    - Tools and methods for ensuring reliability of information

Specialisation – Modern services for business

  • Technology and process solutions for management of employee knowledge and competencies
    - Systems for the management of employee knowledge development and competencies taking into account an increased efficiency of these processes and mapping of required directions of changes with regard to individuals, groups of employees and selected units of the economic structure
  • Technologies facilitating individual designing, creating and composing personalised digital business services by enterprises
    - Technologies for creating personalised ICT services
    - Optimisation of new solutions aiming at decreasing the scale of investments

Scientists, researchers, educators – from various fields such as psychology, pedagogics, cultural studies, linguistics, sociology, learning sciences, maths, physics, biology, chemistry and engineering sciences – will develop and test new formats, techniques, tools and methods of teaching.

The fundamental context for research conducted in the CRL laboratories is the relation between science and new technologies versus education in a broad sense. 
The projects implemented will concern teaching effectiveness, analyses of cognitive processes mechanisms, as well as educational methods, techniques and strategies. The CRL will be a place where educational publishing houses, producers of school accessories and teaching aids, creators of new technologies and designers will have the opportunity to test the quality of proposed solutions and co-create them in the course of research process. An ever expanding market of educational services will have a chance to use the CRL resources and develop new products for parents, educators and learning people of different ages and varied educational needs.

CRL laboratories will be places of conducting:

  • research on the role and applications of new technologies in teaching, and their transformational potential in various educational environments;
  • research and R&D works on new solutions for formal and non-formal education;
  • analyses and evaluations of impact and effectiveness of educational solutions developed by the CRL or its external partners.

The Copernican Revolution Lab will be the first institution in Poland to conduct not only extensive innovative research on learning sciences but also R&D works covering the acquisition, shaping and using currently available knowledge for the design and development of new products, processes and services, which will lead to the creation of educational methods and tools innovative in their content, form and operation.

The CRL is planning to rely on the best world practices, as well as to use the knowledge of R&D trends in education, and identify the needs of dynamically changing labour market and knowledge-based economy.