Citizens in medicine – exhibitionBeyond the Lab: The DIY Science Revolution

Usually, it’s scientists who deal with science. But are they the only ones? Our new exhibition presents seven stories of extraordinary people who proved that science can just as well develop outside research laboratories.

People featured in the exhibition construct their own medical devices to fight with diabetes, establish community groups to monitor local air pollution levels and create websites on which they share inventions made by patients. The exhibition also features patients who became experts in the field of their own illnesses. There is a growing number of DIY scientists worldwide who experiment, create and implement numerous interesting solutions.

Equipped with cheap sensors, smartphone apps and universal access to the Internet, where they can share information, today’s pioneers of DIY science challenge our perception of scientists and the future of science.

Do you want to join this movement?


This exhibition and accompanying events are part of the “Sparks” European project focused on reflections about science. The Copernicus Science Centre in one of the 28 locations throughout Europe where the project will be implemented.

This project has received funding from Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) under grant agreement No 665825



14 July 2016 —
11 September 2016

Admission is included in the ticket to the Copernicus Science Centre.