Conference 2017

On 15-17 March 2017, the 9th Interaction-Integration Conference will be held at the Copernicus Science Centre. It will gather people engaged in informal education, promotion of science and new technologies, who are sharing the same goal of developing an engaged, critically-thinking and responsible society.

Interaction-Integration, which has been organised regularly since 2007, is a meeting of employees representing science centres, foundations and associations, cultural centres, museums, planetariums, botanic gardens, universities, and businesses operating in Poland. The conference consists of a number of lectures, panel discussions and workshops with the focus on plans and tasks for local educational environment. It is a perfect opportunity to share experience, analyse failures and issues as well as to network and establish the grounds for cooperation. Consolidation of the community allows us to build its subjectivity and strengthen our voice in the public debate about the understanding and application of science.

The meeting is open to people who are already engaged in the development of informal education centres as well as to those who are looking for inspiration for similar activities, and who share the programme ideas of the conference and are motivated by the willingness to act together.

As an actual effect of previous conferences, in 2013 the Society and Science Cooperation (Porozumienie Społeczeństwo i Nauka SPiN) was established  – a bottom-up initiative that brings together institutions acting for the development of the society that is based on education, science, technology and innovation. 

These institutions address their initiatives to various recipients, use different forms, but they share the same idea of promoting scientific analysis of the surrounding reality - social and technological. Education and scientific cognition of the causes and mechanisms allows us to wisely construct this reality. Educating the society is the way to innovation that will result in building innovative attitude and advanced technology. The ability to think critically is a requisite of conscious freedom.

To learn more about the programme of the conference or the SPiN Society and Science Cooperation, please contact