Special guests of the conference


Associate Professor, Leiden University, Department of Educational Sciences, Institute of Pedagogics, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences Affiliated Professor, National Center Science and Technology/Science Center NEMO (NCWT/NEMO) Cognitive Development

Prof. Maartje Raijmakers is a philosopher and developmental psychologist, at the forefront of research into cognitive processes of learning. An Associate Professor at Leiden University with the NEMO Science Centre, where she studies children’s exploration behaviour and cognitive motivation. Her main interest lies in cognitive development, particularly the acquisition of scientific knowledge in the context of informal education. Her current projects concern the development of the learning process, with particular attention to education in the exact sciences, and the impact of individual differences on learning.


Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Education,

Dor Abrahamson is a specialist in learning sciences. His work focuses on designing and studying educational tools and solutions, and his main interest lies in cognitive aspects of mathematical thinking. He currently has an appointment as Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley, where he runs the Embodied Design Research Laboratory. He draws on constructivist–enactivist and sociocultural theories to inform the design of interactive educational materials. In turn, he analyses empirical data collected in evaluation studies to develop theoretical models of mathematics learning as well as his pedagogical framework, embodied design. He has published widely in the peer-reviewed leading journals of his field.


Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Psychology

Polish psychologist, professor at the Institute of Psychology (www.psych.pan.pl), Polish Academy of Sciences, chairman of the scientific board of this Institute (2011-2015). His field of interests include comparative psychology, animal behaviour, sensation seeking, exploratory behaviour of animals, response to novelty and  adaptation to change. Member of the National Committee For Ethics in Animal Experimentation of The Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2005-2013, and currently 2015-2019.


SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Complex Systems Research

Prof. Andrzej Nowak is a Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, where he chairs the Department for Complex Systems Research. He holds a similar position at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw at the Center for Complex Systems Research in the Institute of Social Studies. His main area of interest is the dynamic approach to social psychology. He conducts research in the fields of education, technology and change in education, cognitive processes and social impact. He also specializes in computer simulations of social and techno-social systems. Prof. Nowak has authored and edited numerous books and articles published in renowned scientific journals.