Table sessions at the SCIENCE CAFÉ

In our science café we want to track the impact of biology and medicine on different stages of human life. The café will be hosted by professor Magdalena Fikus and the Copernicus Science Centre, and discussions will be moderated by Dr Takao Ishikawa (University of Warsaw).

The first table will be devoted to the beginnings of life. Joanna Różyńska (bioethicist from the Jagiellonian University) and Dorota Hofmann-Zacharska (biologist from the University of Warsaw) invite you to talk about the hopes and problems related to development of biological science with regards to infants and children. How to solve the problem of gaining informed consent of the patient? How are drugs for premature babies tested? What scientific and ethical challenges do doctors and biologists face?

At the second table, we will talk about the problems of adult life: Jakub Fichna, Ph.D. (medical biologist from Medical University of Lodz) will present the development of digestive diseases, and dr Dominika Dąbrowska will show you how changing one’s lifestyle can lower the risk of some civilisation diseases.

At the third table professor Urszula Wojda (biologist from the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) will present current research directions in neurodegenerative diseases.

The fourth table is where you will discover hopes that biotechnology brings about. Students from the iGEM team (University of Warsaw) will present projects on genes’ modification for which they have been awarded medals in recent years.

In our science café, we want to promote and present biology, biotechnology and medicine as areas of ongoing research. We want the participants to have a chance to ask questions and find out about some challenges that scientists and researchers face during their work.