The statistical increase in average life expectancy and preventing ageism are two separate issues. Let us reflect on how our reality would look like if only bioengineering provided us with tools for extending our active and healthy life capabilities rather than prolonging physical impairment of the elderly. However, the question remains as to whether longevity involves a promise of happiness or rather a threat of new social divisions and overpopulation? Who would take the advantage of miraculous treatments and how would that impact a family structure?

We invite you to take part in a discussion on the pros and cons of life extension.
Each participant will have a chance to be heard and share their opinion. Before the debate, two actors, Lech Łotocki and Jakub Kotyński, and journalist, Hanna Maria  Giza will show us their improvised performance.

The substantive correctness of our debate will be supervised by the following experts:

  • professor Katarzyna Wieczorkowska-Tobis – geriatrist and gerontologist
  • Tomasz Frąckowiak, Ph.D. – psychologist
  • professor Barbara Szatur-Jaworska – social gerontologist
  • Grażyna Mosieniak, Ph.D. – biogerontologist

When and where?

04.09, 4:00 p.m.
— 6:00 p.m.
Auditorium of the Copernicus Science Centre

Free admission


Joanna Jeśman Ph.D. , Wiktor Gajewski