Patrick Tresset: Three Robots Named Paul

The exhibition devoted to Patrick Tresset, a French artist and scientist, evolves around the topic of human and computer creativity and our relations with the new generation machines. The artist’s works are robotic compositions which can draw portraits thanks to the implementation of specifically developed computer programmes.

A woman portrayed by 3RNP, CSW Łaźnia, The Human Traits Exhibition,
photo Patrick Tresset

After spending well over ten years working as a painter, in 2003 Tresset lost his ability to create such works. That was when he began studying computer and robotic systems that would be able to continue creating paintings while maintaining his own characteristic style in all works. At the exhibition, you will see the results of his studies and research.

During a session that resembles a model sketching lesson, three robots named Paul (Paul-III. a, Paul-III. b, Paul-III. c) are making portraits of exhibition visitors.

View of The Human Traits Exhibition, CSW Łaźnia, photo Patrick Tresset

Mechanical artists invented by Patrick Tresset are both the subject and the object of this creative act. Their activity evolves around the space where art, IT sciences, robotics and artificial intelligence get together.

When and where?

01.09 8.30 p.m. – midnight
02-04.09 12.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.
CSC, ground floor

Free admission

Ryszard Kluszczyński

Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art