Małgorzata Gurowska, a graphic artist creating artistic books and graphic design and Magdalena Jurek, artist and designer, who makes lamps which use bioluminescence – the ability of living organisms to produce light. Together they create an installation that uses bioluminescent proteins as a source of light for lamps inspired by a bioluminescent, ocean dwelling jellyfish Aequorea victoria.

During the workshop, you will discover the role bioluminescence in natural environments, how to isolate the bioluminescent protein from different organisms, and you will have a chance to make your own natural lamps similar to those designed by Magdalena Jurek.

The workshops and the installation are part of SYNENERGENE project – developed at Copernicus Science Centre Biological Laboratory – that focuses on responsible research and development of Synthetic Biology, a new and fast growing discipline of biological research.

When and where?

2-4 September 2016

Copernicus Conference Centre, 1st floor

Free admission

Pani Jurek,
Małgorzata Gurowska,
Stanisław Łoboziak