Martian dustConcert

Audiovisual performance of Stefan Wesołowski’s band and VJ Robert Bęza in the Planetarium.

They will present pieces from their very well received album Rite of the End. It’s a deeply lyrical, neoclassic in form, music reinterpretation of dreams of conquering the Universe.

It will be accompanied by a graphical performance inspired by films, comic books and the art of 1940s and 1950s, showing space travel from the perspective of then-existing technological possibilities. Therefore, the starting visual point will be inconspicuous sputniks, explorers, strange space ships, and outfits that look more like suits for deep-sea divers than for astronauts. In the musical layer, we will hear subtle sounds of hap accompanied by cello, violin, synthesisers and the piano.

Stefan Wesołowski – composer, violinist, record producer. He has been working with prestigious record labels such as Important Records and Mute Song for many years now. Author of theatre and film music – he composed the soundtrack for Listen To Me, Marlon, directed by Stevan Riley (premiere in Sundance). His latest album is entitled Rite of the End.
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VJ: Robert Bęza
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When and where?

17 September 2017,
8 p.m.-9:30 p.m.,

Tickets: 30 zł – available soon