Leopold SummererLecture

In „Advanced Concepts for Space 4.0”  Leopold Summerer will talk about the most unusual team of the European Union he leads – the group of genius scientists who look for technological solutions for the most complicated problems related to space exploration.

The space sector is maturing and undergoing its most profound changes: there have never been as many space faring countries, as many companies engaged in space activities and as diverse space activities than now. At the same time space is no longer “rocket science” it has entered mainstream to a point that a day in an advanced economy without space would no longer be “normal”. At the same time, space has some intrinsic characteristics that are and remain unique. This has substantial implications on the way we approach space activities, conceive space missions and projects, develop technologies for space, and it asks for a broader public debate. This talk will present how ESA’s Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) is preparing ESA and the European space sector for this Space 4.0 area. It will include the important role of open science, multidisciplinary thinking, emphasise the role of disciplinary fringes and intersections, risk taking and the scientific method.

The Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) serves as the ESA’s special think tank. The highly multidisciplinary research group is essentially a channel for the study of technologies and ideas that are of strategical importance in the long term planning of the future. Scientists and engineers carry out research work on advanced topics and emerging technologies and perform highly skilled analysis on a wide range of topics, like asteroid deflection, machine learning and data mining, hybernation, time architecture or biomaterials, applicable for microgravity.

When and where?

15 September 2017,
7 p.m.– 8:30 p.m.,

Registration required