Breakfast by the river – picnic and meetings

On Sunday, green areas surrounding the Copernicus Science Centre will turn into a healthy food market and relaxing zone. Visitors will have an opportunity to try international cuisine dishes, relax on deckchairs, rent some games – and listen to live sets performed by DJ Phoen. Those interested in science will have a chance to hear some interesting talks concerning plant cultivation on Mars, as well as discussions on what potential Space conquerors eat and how they take care of their health and physical fitness.

12 noon: What to eat in Space?

Anna Charko (CSC) talks about cosmic crops to Wieger Wamelink, ecologist and exobiologist from the Wageningen University.

Wieger Wamelink, PhD, is an ecologist who works at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. He and his team started the first ever large-scale experiment to investigate if plants species and more specifically crops may be grown in Mars and moon soil in 2013. Three experiments later it seems that this indeed possible and subsequently they organised the first ‘Mars-diner’ ever based on the harvested crops.

1:30 p.m. How to live in Space?

Anna Charko (CSC) talks to Mariusz Słonina, Grzegorz Ambroszkiewicz, and Piotr Konorski, analog astronauts, members of the 2016 LUNAR EXPEDTION in Rzepiennik Biskupi.

Mariusz Słonina
Deputy commander of the Lunar Expedition 0 (August 2016). During the mission, he supervised the operation of the habitat’s IT systems and performed spectroscopic examination of collected soil samples.
Astronomer and graduate of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Works in Sybilla Technologies, a start-up established in Toruń and Bydgoszcz, where he deals with robotization of astronomical observatories and interaction between the user and network of observatories as part of the Space Surveillance and Tracking, Space Situation Awareness. In his work, he combines acquired research experience with the ability to use the latest IT solutions. Co-founder and member of “Tartak” Association of Cultural Initiatives and Literary Group Piekary24. Creator of “Transmisja Poetycka” (Poetic Transmission) — cycle of artistic literary meetings combining the words, music and performance. An enthusiastic marathon runner, winner of the Crown of Polish Marathons and a long-time member of the Marathon Club of the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Member-pilot of the Warsaw Aeroklub, where he trains to become a licensed glider pilot.

Grzegorz Ambroszkiewicz
A 26-year old constructor working in the Space Research Centre. He designs satellite components for two ESA’s missions: Proba-3 to study the Sun’s corona, and JUICE (mission focus: Jupiter’s icy moons). He is also involved in designing the PW-SAT2 students’ satellite that will be launched into orbit at the end of this year. During its simulation, he held the role of Biomedical Engineer (due to the profile of his studies) and supervised the experiment of observing the breathing signal and ECG, 3D printing and steering the rover.

Piotr Konorski
Piotr Konorski holds a MSc in observational astronomy and is currently a PhD candidate at University of Warsaw, Poland, focusing on stellar astrophysics and precise distance indicators within the observable Universe. Simultaneously, he is engaged in solving scientific and social problems using High Performance Computing and advanced parallel programming techniques in collaboration with Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, Warsaw, Poland. Piotr is also a three-time winner of international hackathons in the field of advanced concepts & space data analysis. Recently, he was selected to become one of the first Polish analog astronauts and is actively involved in developing Modular Analog Research Station and preparations for Lunar and Martian Analog Simulation campaigns in Poland – listen to his @ His scientific interests were ignited early on in the childhood once having realized how much more there is to the world when our perception is equipped with even the simplest tools: microscope, telescope, stethoscope etc. His general curiosity converged on astronomy and broad aspects of space exploration. Over the years Piotr was involved in several scientific projects, including research on high energy galactic nuclei through X-ray satellites, globular stellar clusters, spectroscopic searches for extrasolar planets and mapping distances of the local and extragalactic sources, while mastering and developing various observational, mathematical and computational tools necessary to achieve the goals.

International cuisine dishes will be served by:

PHO 206   
Mr. Pancake

Delicious, healthy smoothies and other surprises:

Made by Porzeczka

Original sweet and sour breakfast croissants:

Warsaw Croissants

Tasty and sophisticated soups:

Wars i Sawa w Nowym

Fresh vegetables:

Gospodarstwo Ludwik Majlert



When and where?

17 September 2017,
11 a.m.–6 p.m.

CSC Summer Stage