3 October, at 21:30, level 0
Free admission, registration is not required

She was born and raised in Tbilisi. Initially, she was involved in creating short films and music videos, but then she decided to focus on music. It is believed that Natalie is the first woman in Georgia to start recording electronic music. She also composes for larger orchestras. She published her albums under various aliases (TBA, Tusia Beridze, Nate Fisher), but also as Natalie Beridze. She has played several concerts throughout Europe.
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4 October at 21:30, level 0
Free admission, registration is not required

UNCOVERED – the new album by ZAMILSKA is a musical tale full of anxiety, three-dimensional space and bass, complemented by the artist’s characteristic trance beat. This album is her first album in three years and the third in the artist’s discography. It has been released on 10 May 2019. It is the result of a long way which – as ZAMILSKA says – required courage to start from the beginning.
This producer, so far known from instrumental music, for the first time uses her voice and lyrics that strengthen the message and build specific tension. Is this a collage or a story? It is for the listeners to decide. First of all, this album reflects the continuous development and improvement of tools.
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5 October at 21:00, auditorium foyer
Ticketed 30 PLN, buy ticket »

Visual artist, musician and poet. Leader of the music groups KOT and NIWEA. Co-founder of the PENERSTWO artistic group. On a daily basis, Bąkowski works on the border of disciplines, combining visual arts, animation, music and poetry. These activities overlap and exert influence on each other, which allows the artist to function simultaneously in many areas. His films are shown at both gallery and museum exhibitions but are also screened at film festivals. The performances of his groups are treated as audioperformences or – simply speaking – concerts.

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5 October at 22:30, level 0
Free admission, registration is not required

di.ARIA – Hania Piosik (Lost Education / LADO ABC, JOY POP) is a composer living somewhere deep in Polish western forests. She tells stories full of sounds of urban space and nature. Using modern plug-ins, sounds of nature and looped vocals, she presents her original language, talking to the listeners about the music – its beauty but also its dark side. Recently, she fell in love with music research treated as a key to improving communication with autistic people.

Wrong dials – Mateusz Rosiński, dj, producer and promoter of Gorzów Wielkopolski. As an active musician, concert organizer and founder of independent record labels Please Feed My Records and currently Dym Records, he effectively animates the local scene.

SJØGREN – concert by the duo Hanna Piosik & Mateusz Rosiński
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6 October 2019 at 20:30, level 0
Free admission, registration is not required

Musician associated with the Warsaw group LadoAbc. Co-founder of such bands as: SzaZa, Horny Trees, Meritum, Tupika, Cukunft and the Ircha clarinet quartet. A truly interdisciplinary musician, who composes for film, theatre, silent cinema, contemporary dance and radio plays. Most often he uses clarinet, voice and electronics. Thanks to the effects of loops and delicate transformations, the artist is able to compose rich, polyphonic sound structures live.
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3 October, 11 p.m., level 1

Known as the organiser of events under the same name, he currently focuses on the promoting activity in the Mestico collective. He performed as DJ Smakowita Pajda. He was also responsible for the legendary series of events - Vatican Vibes. Szkalunek is a project filled with love to house/techno/electro music. What exactly will we hear? For sure, plenty of broken, breakbeat techno and acid melodies.

4 October, 11 p.m., level 1

Regular broadcasts from Radio Capital. It is also worth listening to Holoputi Migrant Sound waveband, where invited guests not always know how much music is in them, until they yell it out. Combines folk, techno, trance, reggae, CHANGA TUKI, music from the streets, Yaxuri house, melodica, looping.

When and where?

every day, 3–6 October
Copernicus Science Centre

Wojciech Bąkowski – ticketed concert
other concerts: free admission,
registration is not required


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