Lulled by SatietyExhibition

We sleep. We sleep after a filling meal. Overwhelmed by excess, we fell no need to think about the consequences of fast, cheap consumption. This exhibition will wake you up form this nap. It makes you soberly look at the facts related to global production, distribution and waste of food. It confronts with the current state of affairs to encourage responsibility for the future. Science and technology support us, offering various alternatives for the future.

The main themes of the exhibition are breeding, growing and wasting food.
What alternative sources of protein could there be? Will the traditional pork chop be replaced with seaweed, bugs, vegetable mixtures, cultivated meat? The part devoted to breeding provides with an opportunity to explore the limits of one’s culinary habits and think about what we are ready to give up and what should change for the good of the environment and future generations.

The section on future farming offers an insight into new ways of growing plants. We’ll wonder what changes will the climate change bring to our cuisine. We’ll also open the Kitchen Lab, where you can experiment with yeast, bacteria, algae and in vitro plant cultures.

Finally, we’ll look at the waste generated by the food industry. And the leftovers that we throw away in the alarming quantities. This context makes the works on hunger and inequalities in access to food become particularly meaningful.
Data visualizations created jointly by artists and scientists will serve as introduction to each theme.

This exhibition is not easy to digest. It does not give easy answers to difficult questions. Its purpose is not to show unequivocal solutions, but to induce reflection and to get you out of your comfort zone. Wake you up from lethargy.


3 October 2019 
at 20:00

4–5 October 2019 
at 11:00–23:00 
6 October 2019 
at 11:00–20:00 


Copernicus Science Centre, level 1

Free admission, registration is not required


Michał Grzymała,
Patrycja Strzetelska