Myths and Memes

We usually don’t like changes. We’re even afraid of them. We feel good in familiar, safe situations that allow us to stay in our comfort zone.

This need for security is so strong that it often stops us from doing anything. We keep working in a place we don’t like, because the new one may be even worse. We stay in unsatisfying relationships for fear of loneliness. We are afraid of the future because we cannot predict it. Not wanting to modify anything in our lives, we also refuse to face the global problems, as their solution can only be brought by change. We question the climate crisis, we are distrustful of biotechnology achievements, we are afraid of GMOs.

At the end of the festival, we’ll take up one more challenge and try to tame the future, which indeed is unpredictable, but still can be shaped. We’ll try to refute some of the most common food myths and create positive memes around sound scientific knowledge. The meeting will be hosted by Aleksandra Stanisławska and Piotr Stanisławski (Crazy Nauka).

When and where?

6 October 2019 
at 18:00 
auditorium, Copernicus Science Centre

Free admission, registration is not required