3.10 Thursday
AMUSE BOUCHE or the opening

18:00, auditorium
lecture and discussion: Koert van Mensvoort on the speculative future of food

20:00, level 1 
opening of the exhibition Lulled by Satiety

21:30, level 0 
concert by Natalie Beridze   

23:00, level 1 
DJ set & afterparty

4.10 Friday

11:00, level 1
Przemiany Showroom

12:00, auditorium foyer
workshop: High pressure food

15:00, level 1
espresso science: Functional food

15:45, level 1
panel discussion: Health is not enough

17:00, level 1
panel discussion: Artificial or natural

18:30, auditorium foyer
Meet up Geek Girls Carrots

21:30, level 0
concert: Zamilska

23:00, level 1
DJ set

5.10 Saturday

11:00, auditorium
Youth Transformation

14:00, level 1
espresso science: Food psychology

14:45, auditorium
panel discussion and culinary show: Food of the future

16:15, level 1
panel discussion: Influencers from the backstage

17:15, auditorium
lecture and discussion: Chloé Rutzerveld on food design

18:25, auditorium
lecture and discussion: Christopher Bryant on the social attitude towards cultivated meat and other new types of food

21.00, auditorium foyer
concert: Wojciech Bąkowski

22:30, level 0

6.10 Sunday

11:00, level 1
Common table

11:00, auditorium foyer
workshop: Biosafety: mould and mycotoxins

12:00, auditorium foyer
workshop: Biosafety: bacteria

14:00, level 1
espresso science: Climate change and the future of food

14:45, level 1
panel discussion: Local food

15:45, auditorium
film and discussion: Soyalism. How to eat without destroying the planet?

18:00, auditorium
Dessert or the closing of the festival: Myths and Memes

20:30, level 0
concert: Paweł Szamburski


exhibition Lulled by Satiety

The festival exhibition pulls us out of lethargy and makes us soberly look at the facts related to global production, distribution and waste of food. The exhibition includes Kitchen Lab, where you can experiment with the food of the future.
11:00–23:00, Sun: 11:00–20:00

Café Prognoza

In addition to the traditional menu, it’ll also offer some gastronomic innovations.

networking area

A place for free exchange of ideas, dedicated to informal meetings. The zone also has a library, equipped with themed books and magazines.

Przemiany Cinema

4.10, Friday
12:00 – In Defense of food, Michael Schwarz 78’
14:15  Well Fed, Karsten de Vreugd, 52’
15:25  Food Evolution, Scott Hamilton Kennedy, 92’

5.10, Saturday
11:00 – Eating Animals, Christopher Dillon Quinn, 105’
13:00 – Bugs, Andreas Johnsen, 74’
14:30 – Just Eat It, Grant Baldwin, 75’

6.10, Sunday
11:00 – Well Fed, Karsten de Vreugd, 52’
12:10 – Unfold, Katarzyna Gandor, 30’
13:00 – More Than Honey, Markus Imhoof, 95’