Przemiany Showroom

In 2050, there will be 9 billion people living on Earth! To feed them all, we need to increase food production by at least 35% and significantly reduce the scale of waste. We’re increasingly hearing about the need for "sustainable" production, consumption and disposal of food waste. In the Przemiany Showroom, we‘ll present solutions that can help us implement it.

EIT Food Zone

Designed to offer information on the latest research and technology achievements, facilitating the production of healthy, safe, nutrient-rich food, with minimal losses of raw materials and limited impact on the natural environment. The showcased products will include:

  • 3D printers for food, mobile tests to assess the content of polyphenols in fruit and an intelligent plant lighting system that allows you to produce vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers throughout the year. (Natural Machines, Plantalux)
  • natural and functional food products, as well as vegetable proteins, which are an alternative to animal and soy proteins. (NapiFeryn Bio Tech)
  • innovative food preservation methods and food products which can stay fit for consumption for even 30 years! (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • research by scientists from the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn, experts from the MASPEX group and innovators operating in the agri-food industry.
  • personalized food, dedicated to people suffering from diet-related diseases. (Naturally)
  • nutritionally valuable production "waste". (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • zero waste games and the idea of food sharing. (Federation of Polish Food Banks)

The zone is organized as part of the EIT Food #Annual Food Agenda project, Maspex, Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn. zone

It is a place gathering start-ups from the accelerator, which combines technology and the food industry. At the stands we shall see:

  • vegetable substitutes for chicken meat offering similar taste, appearance and nutritional value. (Qrczak)
  • green leafy vegetables (baby and micro) grown in automated, urban vertical farms. Available all year round. (Polish Greens)
  • a carefully composed, sustainable and balanced vegan meal that will be saturating and perfectly nourishing. (Yoush)
  • organic drink with the addition of CBD (cannabidiol from hemp). (Hempiness)


Certain functions of liver and correct performance of enzymes decomposing ethanol and its metabolites are of key importance in alcohol metabolism. At this site we will learn about liquid diet supplement, containing plant extracts supporting work of liver, which makes it possible to reduce negative effects of alcohol consumption.

Who will feed us in the 21st century? 

Debate, 4 October at 18:30, auditorium foyer

The 21st century has brought us many challenges related to food. The increasing number of people on Earth, global warming, civilization diseases – our current approach to food production and distribution has to change. How will the tomorrow’s world of food look like? 

We invited to our debate experts, who will talk not only about the future of food but also about their own way to create innovative companies. We’ll talk about potential development paths for people who want to initiate projects in this area, in accordance with pro-environmental recommendations, which are included, among others, in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Debate hosted by:

  • Małgorzata Ratajska-Grandin - CEO of Geek Girls Carrots, a global community that attracts women to IT.


  • dr Katarina Makarova – CEO of SmartBerries (processed fruit testing)
  • Iga Czubak – CEO of Qrczak (production of a plant alternative to chicken meat)
  • Joanna Kuźniacka – CEO Hempiness (organic drink with CBD)

When and where?

Przemiany Showroom
4 October at 11.00-18.00 

Who will feed us in the 21st century?
4 October at 18:00

Copernicus Science Centre
level 1 and auditorium foyer