Espresso science

Espresso science is a short, cosy meeting in an informal atmosphere. The main idea is to provoke dialogue between the society and the experts representing a given area.

Functional food

4 October at 15:00

Science espresso. With sugar or sweetener? And perhaps it is worth reaching for natural sweetness of polyols: xylitol, maltitol, erythritol, sorbitol? The above compounds are used in functional food. Are they a remedy for the plague of civilisation diseases, or only another marketing trick? Can functional food be the superhero of our times? We will get to know it more during the meeting and learn to read nutritional statements on product packaging. We will also answer the question: if to add sugar/sweeteners at all and what to add?

Moderator: dr Hanna Wilska – dietitian, Przemiany Hero.

Food psychology

5 October at 14:00

Does media coverage urging for healthy lifestyle really improve our dietary habits? Do health specialists recommending introduction of a diet in fact help their patients to reduce overeating? Does the trend to be slender and fit solve the problems of overweight and overconsumption? It turns out that in many cases too strong social pressure on weight reduction, the use of diets and being always fit brings opposite effects. We observe not only an outbreak of overweight, but also an epidemic of ineffective weight reduction efforts, and growing problem of nutritional disorders, e.g. due to social pressure. We will discuss how to effectively help ourselves and other people live in good health. .

Moderator: dr Anna Januszewicz – psychologist, expert in psychodietetics.

Climate change and the future of food

6 October at 14:00

Climate change effects very strongly affect food production and our diet as well. Agriculture is a sector dependent on the temperature, insolation, precipitation, duration of vegetation period. Then, will agricultural production in the countries of southern Europe, Africa and Asia will still be possible if average temperature rises? What is the future of coffee, tea, chocolate and wine production? Are we going to grow lentil and sorgo instead of potatoes? Are we going to give up eating meat in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to guarantee climatic neutrality of agriculture?

Moderator: dr hab. Zbigniew M. Karaczun – expert in environmental protection.

Science espresso partner – Bloom, European project financed from Horizon 2020 programme; contract no. 773983.

When and where?

4-6 October

Copernicus Science Centre, level 1

Free admission, registration is not required