Shared table

Feasting was once a social entertainment, an opportunity to strengthen bonds, carry out conversations and discussions. Common meals used to bring families (Sunday dinners), friends (celebrated name days and birthdays) and strangers (official receptions) together. Table laden with food and a bunch of people were enough to have a good time.

This social role of food is increasingly disappearing. The first problem appears already at the level of composing the menu: Ania is on a juice diet, Bartek is allergic to cucumbers, Marek and Julia don’t eat red meat, and Janek is vegan. The food, instead of connecting, begins to divide us. Can we still eat together and enjoy the feast though?

Take a seat at the shared table!
We’ll serve a solid portion of science with a pinch of economics and a hint of ethics. The main course will be talks with experts led by Dariusz Bugalski, who will act in the discussions as a sceptic and the "devil’s advocate". We’ll look at the most popular candidates for the food of the future and analyse various issues related to their introduction to the daily menu. Our heroes will also be present on the plates.

We’ll look for answers to the following questions:

  • Would large-scale production of cultivated meat really have a chance to reconcile carnivores with people who, for various reasons, eliminate meat from their diet?
  • Are we sure that insects won’t suffer in industrial farms? And if they will, do we care?
  • Can vegetable substitutes for meat and milk be found repugnant as "something artificial"?
  • Will the health and nutritional properties of seaweed convince us to use them more when cooking?
  • Can we really develop food that, in addition to satisfying the basic needs of the body, will take care of the prevention of diseases or significantly contribute to fighting them? Or is it just another marketing trick?
  • Are we willing to eat powdered products to save time required for preparing meals?

Meeting 1. Guests:
Kasia Gandor (blogger, youtuber, student of biotechnology)
Marcin Tischner (ProVeg Polska, Przemiany Hero)
dr Jakub Urbański (molecular biologist)

Meeting 2. Guests:
dr Agnieszka Gaczkowska (doctor, businesswoman)
dr Hanna Wilska (dietitian, blogger, Przemiany Hero)
Lucyna Zembowicz (film expert, Films for food)

Meeting 3. Guests:
Dobrosława Gogłoza (activist, Przemiany Hero)
Marcin Rotkiewicz (science journalist, Przemiany Hero)
dr Agnieszka Szymecka-Wesołowska (lawyer, Przemiany Hero)

Each meeting will end with a short Hyde Park.


When and where?

6 October at 11:00–14:00 
Copernicus Science Centre, level 1

Free admission, registration is not required