Przemiany Festival 2018

The future cannot be foreseen but it may be shaped. The participants of the Przemiany festival held by the Copernicus Science Centre have the opportunity to see that the power of creating the future is in the hands of every single one of us.

We are concerned with the humans’ driving force, that may change the world. We are limited by nothing else but our imagination. In order to expand it, we must travel beyond the limits of specialisation. Therefore, the festival combines science, art, design, and new technologies. Its program – consisting of an exhibition, panel discussions, workshops, live shows and performance – allows the attendants to confront various ideas and viewpoints, encouraging critical reflection upon the directions of future development.

Przemiany 2018 – The Civilisation of Algorithms  

During the eighth edition of the Przemiany festival we shall find out that not only men are capable of shaping the future. We increasingly pass that power on to independent machines and intelligent codes. Our civilisation has created algorithms. What civilisation will they create?

Will the subsequent applications of artificial intelligence deprive us of our driving force? Do we trust artificial neural networks and software that analyse enormous amounts of data, enough, so that we could devolve to them the power over our lives without fear? What precautions should be taken to ensure that the mechanisms introducing the automation of more and more of aspects of our lives would consider various viewpoints instead of simple regularities and selective information? How will the ever increasing use of artificial intelligence affect the society? 

Visit the Copernicus Science Centre on 13-16 of September 2018 and see how algorithms change our civilisation.

Admission free of charge.
Detailed information soon.