Science Advocates

The Science Advocates Programme concentrates on incubation of cooperation between journalists and scientists.

The programme was initiated in 2015 by the Copernicus Science Centre, and for the last 3 years is was attended by over 30 scientists from universities all over Poland and 20 journalists representing top Polish media.

The aim of the programme is to facilitate contact exchange between journalists and scientists, and to make the latter not only a source of expert knowledge but also help them develop their communication skills that makes further cooperation with media easier.

The programme has no strict rules. For the last three years our kick-off meeting formula comprised a swiftly moderated “speed-dating”, i.e. dynamic one-to-one conversations between each journalist and each scientist. As a result of this first meeting, organisers create scientist-journalist pairs and teams, who will maintain intensive contacts for the following year. Results depend on the dynamics of this collaboration. Although both scientists and journalists value their time, we know that relations initiated in the course of the programme are important for both parties. Thanks to the meetings in Copernicus, each year many articles, radio and TV programmes, video materials and non-standard journalist materials are created.

Our programme is beneficial for everyone: journalists, as they get a new source of knowledge, inspiration and access to scientists who know how media works; scientists, who have an opportunity to learn how to communicate their field of interest better; and society, because science becomes clearer and closer for all.

Below you will find some articles and films created after some of our Science Advocates speed-dating meetings:

Magda Richter, PAP Nauka w Polsce, Naukowcy pokazali, jak wirusy przemieszają się wewnątrz żywego organizmu »

Joanna Bagniewska, Gazeta Wyborcza, Koty, czyli krajobraz strachu »

Magda Richter, Gazeta Wyborcza, Odkryto pierwsze bakterie zombie »

Damian Sojka, Dziennik Metro (obecnie Metro Cafe), Naukowcy odkrywają sposób na nieśmiertelność »

Magda Jagielska, współprowadząca w programie Człowiek 2.0 (TOK FM), Seks 2.0 i bliskość 2.0 »

Joanna Bagniewska, Focus, 10 zwierzęcych terrorystów »

Mariana Kozłowska,, zRozum: Popijanie leków colą i sokiem może być niebezpieczne (wideo) »

Marcin Stolarski,, zRozum: Dlaczego satelity nie spadają? (wideo) »