Copernicus’ Tent

In the Copernicus Science Centre Tent you will have a chance to observe the Earth from above and see what is invisible to the naked eye. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Picnic!

Rockets in orbit
Build a rocket with us and launch it into space! After a successful trial launch, you will take your spacecraft home. You will learn the facts behind building rockets that send satellites into orbit.

Mysterious shape
Satellites observing the Earth from orbit measure height with a radio beam. We will attempt to do the same. Using measuring devices we will determine the distance of a hidden object and guess its shape.

Telescopic observations
To use the telescope, you must first know how to operate it. We will learn these operating rules and test the device. How can we do it in daylight when there are no stars visible in the sky? We will create our own!

Soil study
Find the optimal soil for your favourite plants. Here you will learn how to examine its granularity, stickiness, pH and the content of elements and compounds. You will also receive a set of seeds ideal for the examined soil.

Biotechnology at the Copernicus Science Centre
View the various aspects of biotechnology. Talk to the scientists, see a parade of the paramecium, paint with a pipette, pair the viruses and antibodies. Take a photo of a cell with a mobile phone.

Build a bridge with us! Straws, scissors, staplers and wooden posts will be available. The longer the construction, the greater the challenge. The durability of the building will be tested by a special test car.

Meteorites or rocks
You will learn how to identify a meteorite. You will view it under a magnifying glass and perform a magnetic test.

Home microscope
All you need is a lens, a piece of Plexiglas and a smartphone - and you can view small organisms in a magnified form. You will create a microscope using your own mobile phone and take beautiful pictures of microorganisms.

Make your own fossil
You will need a piece of clay and some fancy accessories - a shark’s tooth, a seashell, a trilobite. You will use them make imprints and take home your very own fossil.

Young Explorers
Watch performances by members of the Young Explorer Clubs and conduct your own experiments with the "Dream Builders" educational set. You can use it to create a real parachute.

Fridge-less cooling
Create a mixture that effectively cools us down. Use all kinds of salt (sodium chloride, magnesium chloride). The key to success are proportions.

How to heat the earth?
Join us in testing the temperature of various substances and try to determine how earth and water are heated.

Disappearing water
Check how much water can be absorbed by a hydrogel and discover places where the water is trapped.