Tesla Day

Nikola Tesla was a genius scientist, who uncovered the 20th century! He patented over 120 inventions, including the following: electric motor, bicycle dynamo, radio, water turbine, solar battery, fluorescent lamp, AC transformer, and many, many more. He loved pigeons, he was afraid of peaches and obsessively counted steps. Although he was a handsome man wearing a moustache, he chose to live alone and devote his life to science. He never gave up and knew that an open mind and persistent experimenting are ways to discover something new. And such an attitude is worth following.

On the birthday of this remarkable scientist, we would like to invite you to the Tesla Day at the Copernicus Science Centre.

9 July 2016, 10 a.m.– 7 p.m.
Admission is included in the ticket to the Copernicus Science Centre.

Check out our programme:

  • watch a show of catching lightning
  • listen to Tesla’s resonant transformers
  • try on the power moustache
  • try on the electric autograph
  • see how much power your brain produces
  • say hello to a ballet-dancer robot
  • visit our light ZOO
  • drive some remotely controlled models
  • build your own electrical device
  • experiment with the RWE Power Box
  • see how chrome rims are made

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