Eratosthenes of Cyrene has never been one of the most famous ancient scientists, since he is much less known than Thales, Aristotle and Pythagoras. On the other hand, the experiment he carried out around 230 BC is considered to be one of the most important experiments in history by physicists worldwide.

The scientist measured the circumference of Earth, comparing the length of shadows cast at noon, during the summer solstice, in today’s Aswan and Alexandria. Despite the fact that Eratosthenes mistakenly assumed that the two cities were on the same meridian, the result of his calculations was very close to the truth, and he managed to discover that using only one, simple research tool – a wooden pole.

As you can see, you do not need much to be able to experiment. In fact, all you need is curiosity, drive and some courage. Try it for yourself!


About 400 exhibits await you at the Copernicus Science Centre, so you can explore the world on your own. Feel free to test them. Discover the properties of air, check your susceptibility to illusions, set a chaotic pendulum into motion, see the daphnia race. Experiment with your own perception, reflexes and memory. You can also visit the planetarium exhibition and look at Earth from a cosmic perspective.
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If you like real challenges, then this is the place for you. There, you will find a lot of tasks to choose from and no tips or clues whatsoever. You are on your own.
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High Voltage Theatre

10th July marks the birthday of Nikola Tesla – a brilliant inventor, associated mainly with alternating current. Take this opportunity to go to the High Voltage Theatre during summer! You can expect some special attractions for the scientist’s birthday.
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While experimenting at our exhibitions, you can also participate in short workshops on a variety of topics. Check out what you will be able to do on the day of your visit.
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