Copernicus Science Centre Academy
11–18th May 2012

„Mind blowing!” – that’s what one of the participants said after attending the Copernicus Science Centre Academy. Fifteen workers of Russian museums took part, including people from the Moscow Darwin Museum and local natural history museum workers from remote parts of Siberia.

During those seven days they attended the Science Picnic and Family Workshops. They watched some demonstrations made by our explainers and experienced trainings in exhibition designing and work using Young Explorers Club methodology. We’ve prepared some presentations for them, which concern our everyday job: marketing, sponsoring, operating and administrative activities and cooperation with media. As a result of this visit, the Petrozavodsk Industrial History Museum has founded the first Russian Young Explorers Club, while representatives of both the Blagoveshchensk Dinosaur Museum and a science centre situated in Troicko near Moscow made an appearance a year later at the 17th Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre Science Picnic in Warsaw.