First edition

The Polish finals of FameLab, held on 19 May during the Long Night of Museums, featured ten young scientists. Each of them had only 3 minutes to convince the jury and the audience that what they dealt with was really fascinating.

The first place, the Sponsor’s Award (funded by the BMW company) and the Audience Award were taken by Monika Koperska, who represented Poland at the finals held on 15 June in Great Britain (where she finished second in the international edition of the competition).

Monika Koperska, the winner of the first Polish edition of the FameLab competition, deals with conservation chemistry. She likes calling herself a "spectrometrist". First, she makes objects age, so that she can later examine their nature with a spectrometer and use obtained knowledge to conserve objects that have aged in a natural way. She presides over a post-graduate student’s association at the Jagiellonian University. During her 3-minute-long FameLab speech – at the time of electronic media domination – she made a bold statement: she argued that paper is the most lasting data carrier. It will endure more than a CD, hard discs or cloud storage.

The second place was taken by Marcin Zastawnik. Have you ever wondered where all these strange noises in our flats come from? The sounds that we are unable to locate but which are so intense that we cannot ignore them? That was the topic discussed by this sound specialist. His fascination started when he was a child and listened to a concert held in front of his school. That was when he became interested in the sound system and decided to become "the console guy". And although it was noise that inspired him, today he creates silence, installing acoustic protection devices. At home, he raises fish, which aren’t very noisy.

Third place was taken by Michał Krupiński, a citizen of Krakow. It is in this city, in the Institute of Nuclear Physics, that he carries out his doctoral research in thin film physics and material engineering. Apart from scientific research, he is passionate for science communication and teaching young, talented physics students. For several years, he has also cooperated with the Polish Children’s Fund, running workshops for young science enthusiasts. His other hobby is reading. Recently, he has been devouring "Finnrgans Wake" by James Joyce.

BMW acted as a partner of FameLab 2012. The company funded the Sponsor’s Award (PLN 4 thousand) and made its cars available for rent to all honoured participants for one chosen weekend. BMW also organised a competition for the public, with a BMW bicycle as the main prize.

The second stage of the competition concluded on 3 March 2012.
The jury selected 10 finalists who appeared on stage again on 19 May.

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