Third edition

In the third Polish edition of FameLab, the finals of which were held on 10 May 2014 at the Copernicus Science Centre, the winner was Joanna Bagniewska PhD – a zoologist, a graduate of the Oxford University, and a lecturer at the University of Nottingham. Her performance enraptured the audience and the jury, proving that science can be presented in an understandable and captivating way. It is easier to appreciate the importance of science when we understand its essence and the influence of research on our life. This contest is designed to help the society notice this fact.

Ten young scientists participated in the battle for victory at the Copernicus Science Centre. They represented exact, natural, medical and technical sciences, and had been selected in the semi-finals. In the final round, we could see the following chemists: Tomiła Łojewska, Mariana Kozłowska and Tomasz Jakubek, biologists: Justyna Lesiak, Barbara Pietrzak and Malwina Roszkowska-Chojecka, a physicist: Michał Kępa and biotechnologists: Natalia Woźniak and Damian Sojka, who conduct regular research both in Poland (in Warsaw, Kraków, Lublin and Białystok) and abroad (for instance in Edinburgh, Nottingham and Munich).