Weekends in Discovery Park

This year, Discovery Park will turn into a space of creative activities. Each weekend you will experience our original set of outdoor activities and attractions.

Feel invited to join our DIY workshops, design classes and see how to build gardening infrastructure; visit our mini-market and experience interesting artistic happenings. Relax on our outdoor lounging chairs, enjoy an interesting read or rent a board or outdoor game. On Saturday nights, musical excitement will be provided by DJ Niesłychany Faffini. On Sundays we will organise scientific demonstrations on our summer stage - they will amuse and amaze even the grimmest of our visitors! Additionally, in August you will be able to observe the night skies over Warsaw, guided by our skilled Planetarium staff. Admission to all our attractions if free of charge and not subject to enrolment although the number of visitors is limited.

Detailed weekend event breakdown:

Most weekend events will be facilitated by our invited guests - foundations or artistic groups that will prepare their original activities and attractions. Both adults and children are invited - our programme is universal!

28 – 29  June

Cohabitat Foundation will show how to build a strawbale house and teach how to apply clay plaster. Create your own plaster sample and learn about the advantages of natural building materials.
Visit us at the Summer Stage, at the back of the main building. At 12, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. we will start our low-tech building workshops and clay plastering classes. Come and meet us to talk about alternative architecture.

5 – 6 July

Parque nō artistic group will look for ways to relax in the urban jungle. Join us and let’s build an arts installation together!

12 – 13 July

We’ll celebrate Nikola Tesla’s birthday. Our agenda for Tesla Days includes: a concert on Tesla’s coil, a concert on electrical tools, robot shows.

19 – 20  July

On Saturday Kwiatkibratki group will build a blooming sculpture in the park. Join in and arrange the sculpture with the group, and win a green gift, too. On Sunday we’ll invite you to our mini gardening workshop - our star of the day will be moss. RUNO project in preparation.

26 – 27 July

The weekend of July 26-27 will see our new permanent exhibition space opened - the Majsternia (DIY Corner). Using this opportunity all interested visitors will build a chain reaction, i.e. Goldberg’s machine. Join in!

2 – 3 August

Relax on the lawn with Jacek Gądek, design a willow tree dome over the Vistula and create your own wicker model.

On Sunday our wooden sheep that have been grazing in the park for two years now will receive new furs. Iza Rutkowska from the Shapes and Forms Foundation will invite you to her exceptional wool dry felting workshop.

9 – 10 August

On Saturday Iza Rutkowska will return with her open landscape design workshop. Build a model of Discovery Park with us and show us what we could change or improve in the Park.

On Sunday we’ll paint sounds!
All children regardless of their age will have an opportunity to let their fantasy loose with paints and special canvas that we’ll set up in the park. The meeting point is at the Whisperers (Szeptacze) installation.

16 – 17 August

Our highly popular kite building workshops are back in the Park for the weekend! Guided by our facilitators, you will be able to make a kite of your own design, or build a rocket.

23 – 24 August

The last-but-one summer weekend will see our organic food market open. Come and get the products you need for a delicious picnic enjoyed in the park!

30 – 31 August

We’ll say good bye to the summer with a photograph. Photographer Bartek Warzecha will open an outdoor studio at the centre, where he will shoot instant portraits. Visit our Discovery Park and take an original souvenir home.

Please note: Admission to the events of the Summer in Discovery Park is free of charge, no reservations necessary. All events are to be organised outdoor so they may be cancelled in adverse weather conditions.


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