PLACES Project - Platform of Local Authorities and Communicators Engaged in Science - a platform for european cities, science centres and museums of science and technology and other hosts of scientific events, who have expierience in scientific communication. Promoted by a congregation of several European organizations focused on scientific communication, led by ECSITE and EUSCEA (European Science Events Association).

It will be executed according to the European Commission 7th Framework Programme:  Science in Society, Area Encouraging a European dimension at science events targeting the public, SiS-2009- Platform of networks grouping science museums, organizers of science events and the cities.

The goal is to create, gather and develop the best methods of scientific communication and promoting it in other European cities. It’s further goal is to create European Science Culture City – a town open for science.

The project has a 4 year schedule and will be executed according to Urban Partnerships, made by organizations specializing in scientific communication (members of ECSITE and EUCSEA) and municipialities.

The project participants are 90 towns and regions of 34 countries (in Poland it’s Warsaw, Wrocław and Białystok). 50 Partnerships are scheduled, but many activities will be held by other towns and regions participating in the project.

The finale will be a conference, where all participants of PLACES will meet. Urban Partnerships will take part in a contest for new events regarding sicentific communication.

Copernicus Science Centre participates in PLACES in a network with two other Warsaw partners: capital city of Warsaw and Science Festival.



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