Przemiany Festival 2011

A couple thousand people attended the interdisciplinary Przemiany Festival, which was held 1-4th September at the banks of Vistula. It’s goal was to encourage the townspeople not to turn their back on the river, to see its beauty and potential.

The Festival comprised of events focused on art, science, workshops and documentaries. They were held on both sides of Vistula: at Copernicus Science Centre, Miracle over Vistula, the riverbanks and old parts of Northern Praga. You could go to concerts, watch movies about rivers, attend ecological and bicycle workshops and visit the planetarium for free. You could participate in „Luncheon On The Grass”, together with workshops on molecular cuisine, but also attend courses in modern urban wickerwork, called „Wicker guerrilla”.

Warsaw inhabitants participated in a project on the use of riversides – Sociology of Vistula. The organisers wanted to discover, which parts of Vistula are most important to people, see, what conditions would encourage them to go to the riverside more often, but also to find topics for further research. The outcome would be put in a report at

Admittance was free.
All festival activities were funded by the capital city of Warsaw and supervised by Copernicus Science Centre.