Przemiany Festival 2012

Recordings of an urban poet - Białoszewski, never hear before, finally presented in a play staged on an isle in Vistula, installations enabling you to literally touch and change words, mass furniture customization, a concert meeting between two generations of musicians. All this you could see at Copernicus Science Centre during Przemiany Festival.

For nine days, Copernicus Science Centre surroundings were busy with workshops, film screenings, drama performances, interdisciplinary art events and innovative concerts, which mixed sound with visual effects and new technologies. They were focused on different kinds of changes: historical, social and cultural, occuring in a modern city. As a basis, we used changes within Powiśle – the district, that became our home about two years ago. It became a part of who we are, but also, by extent, we became resopnsible for the changes the district undergoes. The festival was an attempt to show, that changes made in nearby surroundings are linked to larger changes within society and civilization.

We encouraged creative use of space: the participants of the festival designed its scenery themselves, they changed the outside image of old factory facilities of Powiśle in an attempt to find common language between geenrations. Respecting the tradition and wisdom of times gone by, they looked for new solutions and mutually discussed ideas with other participants. During the festival, we left Copernicus, went beyond our exhibitions. We invited curators to help with the project: designers, music producers, graphics experts, philosophers and social-workers. We wanted to create a meeting place for people with different points of view. As far as we know, we have succeeded.